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BlackSkin in brief

  • Purpose

The main objective of the Black Skin Dermatology Online project is to establish an experimental web platform of teledermatology on black skin, multilingual and open, integrating image and voice recognition technologies.

The first phase of the project consisted in developing a prototype and in building up a representative corpus of black skin dermatology in electronic format.

The second phase of the project consists, on the one hand, in developing the data communication services linked to the images database, and on the other hand, in performing the prototype evaluation. 

  • Program

Federal: multiannual information society support programme 2001-2008, second call for proposals.

  • Beginning and end

10/01/2003–09/30/2005 (first phase)

05/01/2006-04/30/2008 (second phase)

  • Work Packages of the second phase


    WP1 - Develop contents (images, value-added services, web site contents)

    WP2 - Study usages

    WP3 - Finalize the prototype and implement value-added services.

    WP4 - Organize and promote the service

    WP5 - Ensure long-term viability of the service

    WP6 - Manage the project



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